• Marc Yonker – Co-Founder of Winters & Yonker

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    During his youth in Easton, Pennsylvania, Marc Yonker was inspired by the efforts of a family friend whose work as a personal injury attorney ensured justice for people who had been wronged in some way. It was then that Marc first developed an interest in litigation, and this interest ultimately led him to pursue and earn his J.D. from the Thomas Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan.

    After earning admission to the bar in both Pennsylvania and Florida, Marc chose to relocate to the Sunshine State to pursue a career as the prominent personal injury attorney Tampa residents have come to know in the years since. Although Marc began his career at a large law firm in the area, he ultimately realized that he could better serve his clients by founding a practice of his own.

    With Bill Winters as his partner, Winters & Yonker has earned a reputation as home to the finest Tampa injury attorneys and is held in the highest esteem by the clients who have sought the assistance of the firm. The firm provides clients with access to the kind of expert representation available from only the best personal injury attorney Tampa has to offer, something that Marc and all the attorneys at Winters & Yonker take great pride in.


    Do you know what steez is? If so, how do you express your steez?

    Sure, at least we always used it as synonymous with something like swagger, or the way you carried yourself in public. Although I’d never refer to my steez in any kind of professional setting, I am known for being an aggressive, principled, and hard-working attorney and I’ve always carried myself that way.


    When you were younger what was your dream occupation?

    Even when I was younger I dreamed of using litigation in pursuit of justice, and, believe it or not, I specifically dreamed of one day becoming a personal injury attorney.


    Who/What inspired you to get into your current field?

    In Easton, Pennsylvania, where I grew up, my father’s best friend was a personal injury attorney. He inspired me to become a personal injury attorney through the hard work he did to ensure his clients were always treated fairly and justly.


    What is one current trend that excites you?

    I’m excited that there are so many powerful voices speaking out against injustice on behalf of those who feel like they aren’t being heard or treated fairly. I’ve always stood up against powerful entities like insurers that try to create an uneven playing field that deprives people of justice, and I’m happy to see that more people are now willing to join the fight to preserve justice in the way that I have throughout my career.


    What would you consider your biggest accomplishment?

    Founding my law firm with Bill Winters is definitely one of my greatest accomplishments, mainly because our firm is dedicated to the idea that clients deserve a truly incredible amount of assistance and support during a time of crisis.


    What do you think of social media? Has it made an impact on your professional career?

    I think that social media, when used for a specific purpose, is an incredible tool for communicating and connecting with others. It has its flaws, to be sure, but it has had a very positive impact on my career and has certainly had a positive effect on many of my clients as well.


    If you were ever to start again, would you do anything differently?

    Now that I think about it, I’m sort of surprised to say that I wouldn’t change a thing. My career is incredibly fulfilling and there’s nothing about it I’d want to alter.


    What do you see for the future?

    For the future, I hope to see my law firm expand to serve more clients. I’d also like to see more law firms following our lead by focusing more on strategies that provide their clients with the kind of support and assistance people need in the aftermath of an injury or accident.


    What’s one piece of advice you can tell our readers?

    Whatever career path or entrepreneurial endeavor you choose to pursue, take great care to ensure that your energy is directed in a way that aligns with the principles you hold dear. Success is never fulfilling if it requires the sacrifice of your core principles.

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