Mike Asimos – Wine Importer/Exporter & Wholesaler

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Mike Asimos is in the wine industry with regards to importing, exporting and wholesaling. As a native of the Pacific Northwest, he has countless vineyards within driving distance. Asimos calls Portland, Oregon home. An eclectic food and wine scene that is perfect for a passionate wine lover.

Mike Asimos also enjoys traveling, which is quite convenient with his market. He is currently on the move to different regions to see what wines those vineyards are providing. Additionally, a lover of jazz music, the food industry, and the great outdoors.

Having a fantastic work mentality and true passion for the industry is the blueprint for success. Mike Asimos is continuously looking to grow his knowledge and expertise. He is truly a savant.

Do you know what steez is? If so, how do you express your  steez?

I actually am familiar with the word steez. I have always been quite the music fan, predominantly in the jazz genre. With that being said, I do enjoy funk and some of those songs do include the word steez in the title, such as one from Liquid Funk. I connected the dots and realized this was probably the wrong direction, so as anyone does I looked up the word. The word has a very interesting meaning to say the least.

I would have to say the way I portray myself shows my steez. I have always believed in the dress well perform well mentality. I definitely always have a certain look when business is on the line. I conduct myself with a certain steez that is particular to myself.

When you were younger what was your dream occupation?

My dream job when I was younger was to travel full-time. Whether that was being a blogger, a captain, a pilot whatever it took to be able to travel the world. I was lucky enough to get out and explore at a young age and that was something that I marveled at. It was amazing how a short plane ride brought you to a whole new area with so much to learn and explore.

Though I can’t say I am living the life my younger self imagined, I am doing what I love and luckily travel is a component of my job.

Who/What inspired you to get into your current field?

Well, I have always been in love with traveling, so that played into the decision. But, mainly the biggest inspiration was the experience and adventure that wine can provide. A simple meal is taken to an entirely different dimension by pairing it properly with a complimentary wine. Not to mention the time and effort that is put into the whole process is something to marvel at. It’s crazy that the same tree in an Italian vineyard can differ so significantly in flavor from that same grape in California. It’s fantastic.

What is one current trend that excites you?

I love that wine is becoming more of a part of people’s every day lives. People are now realizing that they don’t have to go out in order to enjoy a nice meal and paired bottle of wine. Liquor stores nowadays have such a wide array of wines ranging in so many aspects that they are a great resource. Not to mention, the suggestions and customer service is becoming impeccable. I am so excited when I am introducing stores to new blends and they are so excited and ready to learn about the wine. It’s exciting. Wine is definitely making it’s way to more and more dinner tables throughout the week.

What would you consider your biggest accomplishment?

I’d have to say my biggest accomplishment would have to be following my dreams and ultimately being my own boss. Everyone has that preconceived notion that self-managing is easier. Trust me when I say it’s not. You have to wake up before everyone else, work later that all your competitors and constantly push yourself to make sure you stand out. Everyone is fighting for the business, and you need to persuade customers to work with you and only you. Therefore, now that I am profitable it definitely is a huge feat.

If you were ever to start again, would you do anything differently?

I’m not sure of this one. I mean there are always little things that I wish I did differently. That’s why hindsight is 20/20. The only thing I can think of that I wish I did differently is believe that I could self-manage and provide for myself at a younger age. It’s a major leap of faith becoming an entrepreneur. There is no safety net. It is your money you invest, it’s definitely a scary leap but sometimes the biggest risks reap the biggest rewards.

What do you see for the future?

Not too sure. What I hope for is this trend of including wine in weekly night home cooked meals continues. I don’t know why, but I guess there was a stigma against drinking on weeknights or maybe people thought it was too expensive. Those both aren’t true by the way. I know it takes time for people to fight through stigmas, but hey it’s on the right track.

My career is revolving around people’s openness to try something a little different. In this case, wine. I can only continue to grow and educate as long as customers continue seeking new wines.

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