D. Scott Carruthers

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D. Scott Carruthers is an artist and business man who grew up in Anaheim, California. As a kid, Carruthers showed a distinct ability for the visual arts. When he got his hands on a camera, that talent took off. Soon, he was photographing classmates, especially musicians, and making a steady income from his work.

When he graduated high school, Carruthers chose to keep working as a photographer instead of going to college. He began traveling to shoot the bands he was connected with, and this work expanded to include shoots for the fashion industry. As his name became more reputable, he was hired for wedding gigs and other events.

At the young age of twenty, he opened his first studio. He already had a long list of clients, and this list continued to grow as word spread about the studio. At twenty-one, he hired an agent. Working with an agent brought his business to the next level, and Carruthers’ client list quickly grew to include A-list celebrities and athletes. He also started working in advertising, and signed on to several national add campaigns.

Currently, Carruthers continues to be a well respected photographer, whose services are in high demand. He loves working in a high energy environment, and meeting the interesting people that he photographs. He believes that forming a relationships with his clients is a part of creating great final results, so he enjoys taking the time to get to know individuals. When he is not in the studio or with clients you can find him out cycling or reading a good book.

Do you know what steez is? If so, how do you express your steez?

Yes, definitely. I think I found my steez at a young age, which allowed my to have the career that I’ve had. Steez is just about being yourself. I express my steez by carrying myself confidently, and being relaxed in my interactions.

When you were younger what was your dream occupation?

Before I ever picked up a camera, I thought that I wanted to be a writer. I loved reading and words at a young age, so it felt natural.

Who/What inspired you to get into your current field?

My high school art teacher had a huge impact on me when I was first coming into my own as an artist. She helped me take AP Art History as an independent study, even though it wasn’t offered at the time at my high school. I remember realizing how much extra work she was doing in order to give me that gift, and I knew that it was because she saw that I had talent. That made me take my abilities more seriously, and that ended up making all the difference.

What is one current trend that excites you?

I think there is a trend right now of “unplugging”, and I really like that. I love technology, and the information age, but I think we’re all realizing that it has its time and place. It’s great that unplugging from your devices is becoming cool.

What would you consider your biggest accomplishment?

Opening my own studio at the age of twenty was really big for me. I was so young, but felt this call to step out on my own, into something big. People thought I was really crazy for doing it, and that I might not be able to handle the responsibility of having a business like that. I’m really proud that I took the risk and went for it. I try to give myself credit.

What do you think of social media? Has it made an impact on your professional career?

I think that it has a time and place. I try to limit my time on facebook to just a few visits per day. I don’t use facebook on my phone, so it’s only from my personal lap top. People get sucked into it, and then it can start to become a way of procrastinating. I’m to busy living and creating my artwork to spend time looking at what everyone else is doing. I try to stick to the motto: “run your own race”. Most of my connections and success in my career have come from personal contacts, rather than social media. I’d rather have a face to face conversation any day.

If you were ever to start again, would you do anything differently?

No, I think that any mistake’s I’ve made along the way have helped me to be the person that I am today.

What do you see for the future?

I would like to keep on working with my clients in the California area. I really love the work that I’m doing with entertainers and athletes, because they are inspiring people to be around. In addition, I’d like to branch out into more advertising, because there is so much potential for growth.

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