• Agam Berry – Businessman and Internet Visionary

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    Agam Berry is a one of a kind businessman that has founded many companies and helped others grow in his industry.  As a direct response visionary, Agam has consulted with multi-million dollar companies to help scale their businesses.  Agam received his Bachelor’s degree from Punjab University in 2010.

    He lives in New York City and regularly travels to meet with clients to help leadership roles manage their teams effectively and strategize new product ideas.  Mr. Berry’s unique skill-set makes him a highly sought after individual in the advertising world.  He owns and operates, Agam-Berry.com – a professional blog dedicated to journaling his thoughts and business advice.

    Do you know what “Steez” is? How would you describe your steez?

    I believe it stands for “Style with Ease”! My style would best be described as carefully calculated.  I think and take time to plan out my week and even more so business decisions.  Honestly, the more time you take thinking and laying out a strategy, the better off you’ll be.

    When you were younger, what was your dream occupation?

    Growing up, I wanted to be a chef.  Creating something impressive from scratch or raw ingredients always intrigued me.  It was always the process of creating and the work involved in putting together a dish that someone will enjoy that fulfilled me the most.  I have a collection of rare cook books now that I’ve kept over the years.  From time to time, I’ll try my own at a new recipe or just throw something together I’ve been inspired to make when I have friends over.

    I have a copy of Les Diners De Gala by Salvador Dali.  I’m still searching for a signed copy, but they’re hard to find.  Salvador Dali always wanted to be a chef as well, so this cook book of his is very special to me.  It’s filled with his art that many haven’t even seen before.

    Who or what inspired you to get into your current field?

    I had a few friends that were pursuing programming during high school.  I sort of grew up on the internet, but I knew that programming really wasn’t my forté at the time.  I tried to find something that really mended well with creativity and planning.  That’s when I discovered online advertising and selling products to consumers. It takes a good plan of approach to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row.  My friends got me into this industry and the rest was history!

    What’s one current trend that inspires you?

    Cryptocurrency is all the rage right now.  But, I’ve actually been involved with Bitcoin for about 3-4 years.   I remember turning my services providers over into cryptocurrency adopters early on.  Crypto is a way for us to move funds quickly from one person to another without the need to go through a bank for approval.  It’s like trading digital gold; there’s only so much of it that will be created and it only goes up in value.

    I recognize it’s a volatile market, but everything new tends to be up and down.  To me, 2017 has never been a better time to get involved.

    What do you consider your biggest accomplishment?

    I think my biggest accomplishment to date was making the move to New York City.  There’s no better place to be if you’re in business.  Even though many of my clients are constructed of remote teams, a lot of them have people living in New York.  Face to face meetings always help improve business relationships.  I love this city!

    What are your thoughts on social media? Has it made an impact on your career?

    Social Media is a must for anyone in business these days.  If you don’t have a Facebook page or Twitter account, lock it up now.  Treat yourself as a company and your company as a friend.  The more of a presence you can have on social media, the better.  Even having a video footprint can help with your business goals.  Check out my Youtube channel to see how I present different aspects of online marketing for free.

    If you had to start over again, would you do anything differently?

    I would probably get started earlier if I had the chance.  If I had to do one thing differently, it would have been taking on a business mentor.  A lot of times we can find ourselves taken back and overwhelmed with making the right decision.  Mentors can really help with your career.

    Can you share some good advice for our readers?

    Sure! I would have to say it boils down to the last question.  If you don’t have a business mentor, seek one out.   Network as much as you can and find someone smarter than you to push yourself and that asks you the tough questions.  It’ll get you in their mindset of how to approach different obstacles.

    Connect with Agam Berry on Linkedin and Twitter.

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