• Dr. Paul Clayton – Testofen Researcher

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    Dr. Paul Clayton is a clinical pharmacologist that researches the medicinal uses of foods and how they impact the public health doctrine and advocates everywhere.  Not only has Dr. Clayton devoted the majority of his life towards public knowledge and education in pharmacology, he also is actively involved in teaching, developing clinical trials and publishing books and journals nutrition and medical research.

    In addition to helping the pharmacology community grow, Dr. Paul Clayton is also a Testofen researcher.  Testofen is a supplement that is widely used as an ingredient in products that aim to increase men’s libido, strength and muscle development. With many male baby boomers now reaching ages 60+, the demand for supplements that can assist in combating symptoms of Andropause is widespread.

    What Type of Food Do You Enjoy The Most?

    I really enjoy different varieties of food from different cultures. What I’ve found most pleasurable is cooking for others.  I enjoy hosting parties and having people over.   Many times, I’ll cook for my family and friends anything that’s really inspiring me at the moment.  That’s the best kind of food!

    What Are Your Professional Goals In Life?

    I think the world needs affordable healthcare. Right now, people have a difficult time paying for basic services – they have to rely on health insurance. Premiums are through the roof and the policies keep changing every four years.  It shouldn’t be that way!  I would like to reform what we have now and change it into a system that focuses on preventative care with a deeper emphasis on nutrition.

    Are You A Reader? What Are Some Of Your Favorite Books?

    Reading is a great passion of mine.  I love post-apocalyptic and quasi fantasy novels like Drowned World by J.G. Ballard and Slaughterhouse-5 by Kurt Vonnegut (one of my favorites).  I’m a voracious reader of books that are rebellious in nature and ones that go against a standard doctrine of how we should live.  Anton Chekhov’s novella, My Life is a great example of this!

    What’s One Thing You’ve Learned As A Testofen Researcher?

    The world is ever expanding and always growing.  There is so much to learn and new discoveries being made in research everyday.  For me, the more I learn, the more I realize how much I still do not know.  Reading helps to grow the mind and become open to new ideas.  I’ve found that this helps me soak in as much new information as possible.  There’s still more we can do with Testofen – it just takes patience and smart research to bring it to the level we want.

    Do You Have Any Advice You’d Like To Share With Our Readers?

    Never stop climbing higher.  Don’t be fooled by a false summit of knowledge.  Once you think you’ve learned all there is to know, think again – there’s always more to learn.  Network with industry colleagues, ask questions and find someone that comes off as an expert to you – no matter what the subject matter is.  It will push you further to face new challenges and become hungry for learning.

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