Andrew Dorko – Chairman, Total Marketing Concepts, Inc.

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Andrew Dorko is the Chairman of Total Marketing Concepts, Inc., a company that prides itself with “offering strategic and innovative marketing solutions.” Focused on generating sales opportunities for their clients via inbound and lead generation, as well as via direct mail, Total Marketing Concepts, Inc. has amassed an impressive list of clients since their inception in 2004. Their client list includes Verizon, AT&T, Spark Energy, and DMI Partners. In addition, INC Magazine named TMC as one of the “Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in America.”

Mr. Dorko takes pride in investing into his team, surrounding himself with talented people, and making sure to take time to enjoy accomplishments. His work ethic is incredible, to say the least.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Dorko enjoys writing about marketing-related topics, traveling, and reading.

Do you know what steez is? If so, how do you express your steez?

I have to confess that I didn’t know what “steez” meant until I was approached for this interview. I like the definition, though, and think that I adequately express my steez via social media and with the blogging I do regularly at

When you were younger what was your dream occupation?

I grew up enjoying history when I was in school, and was inspired by pioneers of American business like John D. Rockefeller, and inventors like Thomas Edison. My dream occupation was to be a business owner. At the time, I didn’t know what kind of business I’d own, but I had a strong desire to use my talents to grow a business of my own.

What inspired you to get into your current field?

Working for The Yellow Pages early in my career allowed me to learn a lot of the skills that have served me well. I learned the importance of creating relationships in order to be successful in sales. Marketing is constantly evolving, and in order to remain competitive, you have to stay on top of trends. I have always had a passion for learning new skills, so marketing became a natural fit with my sales background and my desire to constantly learn.

What is one current trend that excites you?

I’m excited about all of the technological advancements in telecommunications. We’ve come a long way from simply utilizing the copper wires built by the phone company to communicate. With the advent of real-time video teleconferencing, screen-sharing, and improvements with security, it’s allowed people to become better connected. I remember doing business with someone for months before getting to see their face. Now, I can meet a new person and see what they look like within minutes of connecting with them.

What would you consider your biggest accomplishment?

Founding Total Marketing Concepts back in 2004 has become my biggest accomplishment at this point in my life. It brought me personal success, but what I find most fulfilling is being able to provide employment opportunities to an incredible team. I had always dreamt that I would own my own business, but Total Marketing Concepts surpassed even my biggest expectations.

What do you think of social media? Has it made an impact on your professional career?

Social media is great – if used wisely. One of the things that I have learned to do as I’ve gotten older is to enjoy simply “being in the moment.” I love traveling, and think that so often we get caught up with trying to take the perfect picture that we forget to take the image into our mind and simply enjoy the view.

Social media has made an impact on my professional career by allowing me to re-connect with colleagues from previous ventures, as well as connecting me to new people who are prospective clients and partners.

If you were to ever start again, would you do anything differently?

The only thing I would suggest to my younger self is to “slow down!” We often get caught up with the daily buzz of task lists, productivity, and getting things done that we forget about the little things that make life great. Fortunately, my wife Irina does a great job of getting me to slow down and enjoy my surroundings. This is why we travel often, and I’ve learned to take breaks from work. When you have a great team, you are able to rely on talented people to fill-in for you when you’re not in the office. 

What do you see for the future?

The future is filled with a lot of possibilities for people who want to start their own businesses. Marketing has taken many forms, and there are now more direct and personal ways to promote your goods and services to the general public. A solid marketing firm can help you take advantage of the newest trends in social media marketing, as well as digital marketing. I think we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to low-cost, high-touch marketing.

What’s one piece of advice you can tell our readers?

Don’t be afraid to not have all the answers. Read often and ask a lot of questions. Read interviews and biographies of people who have come before you. One of the reasons that I think I enjoyed history in school was because I got to learn about other people’s mistakes without having to make them on my own. Tony Robbins said that “success leaves clues,” and this is a piece of advice that I have leaned upon often in my career.

If someone’s good at sales, look at their tactics. Is there something you can learn from them? If a company has been effectively marketing in your territory, what can you learn from them? Don’t be afraid to ask questions, inquire, and adapt if needed.

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