Ali Mayar, CEO of Platinum Rapid Funding Group

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Not every CEO is made equal. In our experience, there’s few and far between that can stand up to their competitive industries to grow business. Ali Mayar stands out above the rest. As CEO of Platinum Rapid Funding Group, he recently led the company to more than double their cash flow deals last year resulting in $180 million in earnings off new business.

With this announcement earlier this year, many eyes turned to Ali Mayar to seek business advice, mentoring opportunities and prospective business partnerships. His willingness to succeed and desire to work hard when others are taking a break has propelled Platinum Rapid Funding Group into new levels.

When he’s not working, Mr. Mayar enjoys making the most of the moment with his family and close friends, pursuing his interest in motorsports and deep passion for the arts.

Are you familiar with “Steez”? How would you describe your steez?

I haven’t heard that term in a long time! Steez is style. My style is probably best described as passionate. Whatever it is that I’m interested in or involved with in the moment, I put one hundred percent of my life into it like nothing else exists.

It could be business deals, hiring employees, training staff, seeking new partnerships, investing in my personal interests or goals, etc. This list goes on, but my style is one that completes one task with laser focus before moving on to the next.

When you were younger, what was your dream occupation?

I wanted to be a race car driver when I was a young boy. Having traveled a lot, I wanted to be a Formula 1 driver for the longest time. But you need to have a lot of experience kart racing and such early on. When I learned that, I realized it’d be best to just keep the dream alive but no I’ll never be a professional driver. I do have the freedom now to attend the races and meet the professionals though!

What inspired you to get into your current field?

My family is very close and I’ve always wanted to do the best for them before myself. I started my career in the corporate security sector but after learning about finance markets, I realized that it would be possible to make lending money more interesting than just signing some paperwork.

Early on, I concluded that there was more scalability in finance and that path would allow me a better chance to provide for my family and help us all succeed. Family, I would say, was the inspiration to dive into the financial world.

What is one current trend that excites you?

By far, the most exciting trend to me is crypto currency. 2017 has been a big year for this emerging market even though it’s a decade old. Most people know about Bitcoin and have heard about it, but there are over 700 other digital currencies out there and more being developed.

I follow many of them on What excites me most about this is each currency serves a specific purpose and is decentralized. It is truly currency in it’s most basic form, exchanged from one person to another.  There’s much more to learn, but I can see digital crypto currency being used to help new markets in ways we haven’t thought of before. I want to be there ahead of time!

What would you consider your biggest accomplishment?

I’m very proud of our recent milestone of surpassing our 2015 deal flow. We generated $180 million in deals in 2016 and we’re looking to double up on that number.  With focus and determination, it’s possible.   None of it is easy without an excellent team, though. The team at Platinum Rapid Funding is amazing!

If you were to start again, would you do anything differently?

Some people think starting over is a good idea. However, I must disagree. I would not start over. The lessons I’ve learned over the years have culminated to make our dreams into a reality today. With wins and failures, I wouldn’t do anything differently. Experience is priceless.

What’s one piece of advice that you can tell our readers?

I’ve said before that following your dreams can help you make the right decisions. I’m not sure that following your dreams is the right way to put it – I have dreamed of being a professional F1 driver, but it’s just not possible for me now.

Follow and pursue what excites you the most. It may not always be a dream you should chase, but if an idea ignites a burning passion deep within you, go for it! Be passionate!

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