• Terry Bandy

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    Terry Bandy is a Senior Data Analyst based in California. He has a wide experience in managing clients for web design, traffic analytics and other data-related services for companies and businesses.

    Mr. Bandy grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, and attended St. Paul in New Hampshire as a High School student. He originally wanted to pursue a pre-med degree in Tufta University, but eventually shifted plans and graduated with a Computer Science bachelor’s in the same university. This is where he discovered his passion for data analysis.

    Terry Bandy was an active student during his stay at the Tufts, and participated in business-related campus organizations. Additionally, he spent some time in his Junior year creating a startup business that caters to clients needing help on designing website, analyzing web data, and providing internet solutions. The company grew even as he graduated, and he went on to hire more employees as he continued on his business.

    The company grew enough that someone was willing to purchase it, and Terry Bandy being the company’s CEO for 5 years, eventually gave it up to spend more time with his family and pursue other interests. He said that it allowed him to pursue the freelancing path to cater to big companies and graduate with his Masters degree in Business Intelligence.

    Do you know what steez is? If so, how do you express your steez?

    You know, I actually had to do my research on that for this interview! If I am right, this is a millennial term, isn’t it? Well, some people would stereotype data analysts as boring or nerdy. I am the opposite of that. I am someone who loves living my life to the fullest. One of the reasons why I left the pressures of the business world is so that I can spend more time doing what I love, which is to travel with my family. I guess you could say that’s my style. That’s how I want to live my life–doing what I love, according to my means.

    When you were younger what was your dream occupation?

    I actually took a pre-med course before going deep into the Computer Sciences. It was one of the most confusing points in my life because I wasn’t sure if I still wanted to be a doctor or not. During my time at Tufts, I was thinking if pursuing medicine was still something for me. Eventually, my interest died out and I saw my potential in Computer Science. Right now, I could say I do not regret that decision.

    Who/What inspired you to get into your current field?

    When I was a college student, I was having some form of existential crisis. I didn’t know who I wanted to become even if I was a freshman in premed. However, I came across one elective that ignited my passion in computer sciences. During that time, I saw the lack of supply, and the increasing demand for people in this expertise. Besides that, it was really my passion. To make a long story short, it was just circumstances and self-realizations that led me to this field.

    What is one current trend that excites you?

    One thing that really excites me right now being able to pursue the lifestyle I chose without having to suffer any financial consequences. I am very grateful that I was presented with big opportunities even after I sold my company. The reason why I took Business Intelligence as my Masters Degree is for me to be able to find ways to be flexible in my expertise. I think this is an exciting trend for people. They want to be out of the 9-5 rat race, and have the freedom to choose the lifestyles they want.

    What do you think of social media? Has it made an impact on your professional career?

    Social media for me is not just for the young. I think it has made a big impact on my career as I am able to market myself and my expertise in different ways. Also, it helped me to engage to more clients in a personal way, which helps build trust.

    If you were ever to start again, would you do anything differently?

    I guess I would want to go back and spend less time being unsure of what I wanted. It took me quite a while to realize that being a Data Analyst is for me.

    What do you see for the future?

    As I am enjoying the balance in my freedom and career, it made me see the possibilities of starting a business in the future with more flexibility. Back in the day, my team and I would be stuck in our office cubicles, doing our jobs and waiting for the day to end. I see a future where I can hire remote workers who will also have the same freedom as I do, in my field of expertise.

    What’s one piece of advice you can tell our readers?

    The best advice I can give is to realize that time is your most precious commodity. Whatever you do with it determines your course in life. If you have to decide something, decide on it with certainty as soon as possible, and stick with it. Don’t waste time wishing and hoping, start doing. It’s what draws the line between people who succeed and those who don’t.

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